Recruitment and Selection (Crs Wk2)

Key points and challenges of the case:

– How Abercrombie hired people just based on looks, not skills or talents
– Discriminate people for not having the right looks, they have to work in the stockroom
– Ways of attracting customers/what matters are skin-deep, very much depends on looks

Challenges: – law suits of discriminating hiring practices
– When “being different ” is celebrated around the world, is it possible for Abercrombie to adapt to bounce back to their bigotry and boost sales?

Key concepts from reading materials (course book)

For employment

– Fair employment: when employment decisions aren’t affected by illegal discriminations
– Affirmative action: hiring groups of people that were discriminated against in the past
– Asking only information needed (p.134): other questions although maybe in the same topic but off the track of merely just for work can be seen as violation.

As in chapter 5:
For recruiting, it’s recommended to have HRP:

Kết quả hình ảnh cho human resource planning process

Taking in Applicant-centred approach to recruitment is treating applicants as customers and find out what they want or how they can be motivated, even make sure they have good experience during the recruiting process.
Using social media is being popular fot both employers and applicants


Selection tools: Reliability -consistency of measurement, Validity – extents to techniques to measure skills or knowledge for the job

Also, for larger purpose, consider social responsibility

Issued during employment/working

– Language policy: can’t be forced unless there’s a business necessity to justify that employees speak [English] for the job.
– In case of complaints, there’s is “Alternative dispute resolution methods”: agreement through mediation, hotline, panel of peers
– Legal issues of Staffing (p.203)


  1. Google’s HR boss explains the company’s 4 rules for hiring the best employees:
  2. Cost of replacing a staff member





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